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Hi, I'm Christa Hartsock.

I'm currently a backend software engineer at Meedan, a non-profit working globally to address misinformation. I live in San Francisco with my husband, Jim Fingal, and our rescue bully, Piglet.

In the recent past I've worked as:

Prior to working with government, I've worked as an engineer at the agile consultancy Pivotal Labs (RIP) and at another small product consultancy, as a studio manager at an architecture firm, as a travel guide writer in Barcelona, on a variety of cleanup crews, in many ice cream shops, and a number of other things.

Outside of work, I help publish Logic Magazine, and have been running a small forum I built for friends.

I exist a few other places:

If you'd like to talk, shoot me a message via email. I'm often slow at responding, but do have the best intentions. Short, direct asks usually get a response more quickly.

Thanks for visiting; here is a gift:

Piglet, my grey and white bully mix dog, presenting her belly for a rub.